Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can be used to support eating and exercise plans already in place.

By Trevor Runner

How does Weight Loss Hypnosis work?

At A Happier Life we use hypnosis for weight loss in a number of ways. Hypnotherapy can be used to support eating and exercise plans already in place. Hypnotherapy can be used as a single session method to reinforce the reasons a person needs to lose weight and create internal drive to complete the task, we are also registered to use the Virtual Gastric Band procedure which is a 3 or 4 step process.

What is the success rate of Hypnotherapy Weight Loss?

Studies over many years have shown that when hypnosis is used, any weight loss plans in place last longer due to reinforcement at a sub-conscious level. These studies do not include modern approaches much as the Virtual Gastric Band as this method in particular has gained popularity in more recent times. At A Happier Life we are proud to say that our success rate is approximately 70-80%. See paragraph below.

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Virtual Gastric Band, how does it work?

Virtual Gastric Band procedure is scheduled for 4 session over a 4 week period. In some instances only 3 sessions may be required. Clients are given an MP3 to listen to for approximately 10 mins each day and this may change in content each week. Virtual Gastric Band employs hypnosis in each session and then underpins the entire program with mindfulness. The client feels like they have had a physical operation but of course that is not so (and no pain). The effects of the virtual surgery is very profound, clients stop snacking and pay attention to their body’s messages.


Now selling Plant Based Homeopathic Skin Patches for weight Loss and Emotional Support ( Patches by NOVA Clinic Australia)

Using Medical grade Latex free Hypoallergenic Adhesive, our patches are easy to use and when used in conjunction with a detailed but user friendly suggested eating regime, weight loss maybe much easier than most of us could ever imagine.

At A Happier Life, we can also offer emotional support for an additional consultation fee. Please enquire via website about how we may assist you.

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