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At A Happier Life we clearly define the goals of each meeting between the therapist and client. When a client enters an hypnotic…read more

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Performance in sport is at best variable even with the very best players. Anxiety plays a large part in performance…read more

Anxiety in our modern world cannot be avoided just like stress. It can be managed however and our clients are taught skills…read more

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Whether we are working with clients for Clinical Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis or Sports Hypnosis, each session is designed to have an effect in a short space of time . At A Happier Life we clearly define the goals of each meeting between the therapist and client. When a client enters an hypnotic state of focused and relaxed attention, a shift happens that is often life changing and quite profound.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness with a long term strategy.

At A Happier Life we add Mindfulness Meditation as a long term strategy, which allows us to live our lives in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. This is the perfect tool to add to any hypnosis session.
The combination of both Mindfulness and Hypnosis leads to a more stable and relaxed existence with less stress, less anxiety, more engagement and more understanding of what is or is not important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get familiar with some of the common questions.

There is no doubt that some people experience a trance state differently to others. Some of us are right-side brain dominant and others left-side brain dominant. Some of us are analytical and hang on every word that is said by a practitioner whilst others drift into a world of imagery quiet quickly. It is the skill of the practitioner to be a wordsmith and work in a hypnotic world the client can understand and relate to. If you watch TV or listen to radio or just watch a scene out of a window and find yourself drifting off, then you have experienced hypnosis. It is important that a client must be ready and willing to engage in the process.

Our sessions start with full explanation of what we expect to achieve after agreeing on what the clients expectations and resources are at the time. An hypnotic state of relaxed, open awareness allows the conscious mind to relax and allow the sub-conscious mind to explore the possibilities being presented. Clients will nearly always close their eyes, take a few breathes, relax and then just listen to what is being said to them. Some clients feel like they have not been in trance and are surprised that instead of what they thought was 15 mins in the chair has in fact been an hour.

The wonderful magician that is our sub-conscious mind will take what it needs from the words being presented and just let the rest go by. The sub-conscious mind will sometimes be challenged by new thoughts and begin to perceive things differently. The aim of every session is to allow the client to explore new options, remember old strengths and create positive images and possibilities for the future.

My aim is to see clients for 1 or 2 sessions to resolve most of the clinical issues such as anxiety, stress, fear of flying and other phobias. Other matters may take longer for example: Smoking – 3 sessions, Gastric Band – 4 sessions, IBS is a 3 month program with 12 sessions. Medical hypnosis where pre-operation and post-operation visits are required are assessed at the time. Depression may take 1 session or longer, each case is different of course. It sounds mysterious

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Sports Hypnosis for elite and recreational people

Over many years we have worked with sporting teams and individuals in the field of Sports Hypnosis and Guided Imagery to achieve optimal on field performance. Our Clinical and Medical Hypnosis and Mindfulness work involves individuals, corporate and community groups. Our scope of groups and individuals are growing rapidly given increasing understanding of the relationship between the mind and body.

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