Hypnosis and Anxiety

The use of hypnosis lets our client amplify strengths and rationalise any risks. We teach them these skills for a happier life.

By Trevor Runner

Hypnosis and Anxiety

Anxiety in our modern world cannot be avoided just like stress. It can be managed however and our clients are taught skills to handle such issues by using hypnosis and employing mindfulness. People become anxious when they overestimate risks yet to come and underestimate their resources to cope. The use of hypnosis lets our client amplify strengths and rationalise any risks. We teach them these skills for a happier life.

Hypnosis for Depression, Stress and Sleep issues

People become depressed when they get stuck in the past and ruminate over their problems. When we get stressed, it is usually because we are uncertain of the future, things that have yet to happen. The use of hypnosis allows our clients to release the past, reduce the uncertainty of the future and live our lives in full appreciation of the present moment. Hypnosis techniques are used to assist in sleep problems, most of which occur when we get stuck in problems mention above i.e. either in the past or an uncertain future.

Hypnosis is a popular and effective strategy in the instances of: Panic attacks, Phobias e.g. fear of flying, social anxiety, agoraphobia. Mindfulness is the perfect complimentary tool to assist in the areas.

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Lack of social contact, self-worth, uncertainty, anxiety and depression are just a few of the personal challenges we may face during this time in our lives and our country’s history. I have found many of my clients are happy and find positive outcomes from our online sessions, in fact online therapy has been around for many years however now at this time, it comes into its own. What is required for an online session?
  • You need a good internet connection preferably with a headset but not essential.
  • You need a quiet space
  • You need a chair that does not move.
Given this time a financial stress and need for positive mental health I have devised a package that will give you 8 sessions over 8 weeks. Each session will last between 30-45 mins. The cost of the 8 sessions over 8 week package is approximately the same as just one visit to my rooms! Online has its advantages. If you wish to STOP SMOKING to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, I have devised a separate online package to suit your needs. This also applies to IBS clients which is a 12 week therapy. Stay well everyone