Hypnosis and stop smoking

Hypnosis to help clients stop smoking is clinically proven to be the most effective method available.

By Trevor Runner

Stop Smoking by using Hypnosis

Hypnosis to help clients stop smoking is clinically proven to be the most effective method available. Like any therapy, the client must strongly wish to stop smoking and pay attention to the Stop Smoking Now program which is easy to follow and is provided in between sessions with added support from our therapist. If you want to have a clean, healthy smoke free body and mind, our hypnosis sessions can help you get there!

How do I start my Stop Smoking Now sessions?

Once you have shown an interest to become a person who does not smoke by contacting us via the Stop Smoking Now page, you will be sent a information pack. Once we hear from you, we are happy to chat with you with obligation so we are sure your needs can be met. Following that, we will make arrangements with you to begin your sessions.

Have a Question about stop smoking with Hypnosis?

How many session will I need?

Our session will take around 90 minutes, no longer.

The aim is to need no more than this one session, however you will have access to another session to use at your leisure, (over the next 6 months) that visit is included in the one time fee of $450.

You will be given a short MP3 to listen to everyday for 3 weeks, this supports the work done in the session and is an integral part of our process.

Smoking takes your money, your health and often your relationships.


Make the change NOW and breathe easy.


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