Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis deals with physical trauma and works to assist doctors in supporting their patients ongoing good health.

By Trevor Runner

What is the difference between Clinical Hypnosis and Medical Hypnosis?

Medical Hypnosis deals with physical trauma and works to assist doctors in supporting their patients ongoing good health. This can be seen in cases of pre-operation anxiety and again when positive imagery techniques are used to promote healing. When clients are relaxed it is clearly shown their recovery is faster and more efficient. Clinical Hypnosis deals with psychological issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression etc. It is now proved that the relationship between mind and body cannot be separated in most instances.

What is the benefit of Medical Hypnosis?

As many medical professional will attest to, patient anxiety can inhibit the outcome of many medical procedures. A positive and relaxed client is a much better subject than one full of negative expectation and a high sense of anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy incorporated successfully into a health plan either in an ongoing illness e.g. cancer patients or in surgical procedures to reduce stress pre-op and speed recovery post-operation by incorporating positive imagery techniques can ceratinly enhance expectation of a positive recovery.

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How can I get started with Medical Hypnosis?

There are areas where we need to consult with the medical specialist to gain knowledge of what the patient requires to assist their medical situation. There are other instances where consultation is not required e.g. fear of needles or hospitals or to achieve a positive outlook around operation procedures etc. IBS does not need consultation but it is often assisted by collaboration as it is with other gut problems. Hypnosis can be used for sugar addiction and can treat psychological aspects of type 2 diabetes.


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