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Gary Cosier - Hypnotherapist

At A Happier Life we are client focused. The therapist assists and offers a guiding hand or voice after understanding the goals of the client.

We have grown from the field of Sports Hypnosis into the area of mental health with our Clinical Hypnosis practice and we now include the growing field of Medical Hypnosis. Our aim is to teach our clients how to regulate their lives as they wish and support the medical fraternity to achieve positive outcomes for the patients.

What we offer

We offer Clinical Hypnosis in areas such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc Medical Hypnosis for pre-operation and post-operation stress reduction, IBS and other Gut related problems and much more. Our hypnosis philosophy comes from the teachings of legendary psychotherapist and psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson changed the way hypnosis is used in our modern environment.
When you visit A Happier Life we will discuss what therapy options are available, the length of time expected for the therapy to take effect and the support system we offer to anyone outside of normal office hours. We dedicate our time and effort to our clients and if they stumble in their recovery or life gets a little too much, we offer after hours support at no expense to our clients. We also work with clients in the areas of Sports Hypnosis and Group Mindfulness Coaching
Welcome to A Happier Life

Now selling Plant Based Homeopathic Skin Patches for weight Loss and Emotional Support ( Patches by NOVA Clinic Australia)

Using Medical grade Latex free Hypoallergenic Adhesive, our patches are easy to use and when used in conjunction with a detailed but user friendly suggested eating regime, weight loss maybe much easier than most of us could ever imagine.

At A Happier Life, we can also offer emotional support for an additional consultation fee. Please enquire via website about how we may assist you.