This Super Patch delivers the same full strength nutrients of these 10 patches in one patch.



The Super Patch

You can wear 10 patches at one time no problem but it would cost you $650.00 per month.
This Super Patch delivers the same full strength nutrients of these 10 patches in one patch.
Cost $AU150.00 per month ($US105.00 approximately). The more you buy the cheaper it is.

  1. Weight Loss patch for superior weight loss
  2. Fluid retention, lymphatic drainage
  3. Collagen Regrowth – anti-aging.
  4. Stress, diet-anxiety, insomnia, mental imbalance, adrenal imbalance
  5. Hormonal balance for men and women
  6. The essence of 160 raw, organic, fresh – fruits and vegetables
  7. Thyroid balance
  8. Leaky gut
  9. Insulin resistance, blood sugar
  10. Turmeric, Ginger and Vitamin C – super foods


Wild African Mango, Saffron& Ginger, Wasabi, Fenugreek Seeds, L-Carnitine, Sphaeranthus indicus, Garcinia mangostana fruit, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea extract Turmeric, Nigella Sativa, Barberry root, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Peppermint Probiotic, Chamomile, Moringa Oleifera, Vitamin B6, DIM Cinnamon, Lymphomyosot and Gallium Heel, D-aspartic, Jamun, Collagen, Calendula, Horsetail Wild  Garlic Turmeric, Nitrate of Silver, Tart cheery juice, Valerian Ginger essence of 160 raw, organic,  fresh-fruits and vegetables, Kelp, Seaweed Selenium VitaminB12 Vitamin C, Probiotics from sauerkraut Bitter Melon Extract, Sprouted seeds from Chia, flax and sunflower, Horopito, asparagus, brussel sprouts



Lack of social contact, self-worth, uncertainty, anxiety and depression are just a few of the personal challenges we may face during this time in our lives and our country’s history. I have found many of my clients are happy and find positive outcomes from our online sessions, in fact online therapy has been around for many years however now at this time, it comes into its own. What is required for an online session?
  • You need a good internet connection preferably with a headset but not essential.
  • You need a quiet space
  • You need a chair that does not move.
Given this time a financial stress and need for positive mental health I have devised a package that will give you 8 sessions over 8 weeks. Each session will last between 30-45 mins. The cost of the 8 sessions over 8 week package is approximately the same as just one visit to my rooms! Online has its advantages. If you wish to STOP SMOKING to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, I have devised a separate online package to suit your needs. This also applies to IBS clients which is a 12 week therapy. Stay well everyone